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Detective Douglas H. Mayville
Albany Police Department
End of Watch: Wed., April 9, 2014

Detective Douglas Mayville died as the result of long
term chemical exposure.

He was exposed to toxic chemicals while working in
the department's forensic lab. He medically retired in
1997 as a result of the exposure and his condition
continued to worsen until he passed away on
April 4th, 2014.

Detective Mayville had served with the Albany Police
Department for 26 years. He is survived by his wife.

Trooper Donald R. Fredenburg

Trooper Donald R. Fredenburg
New York State Police
End of Watch: Fri., March 13, 2015

Trooper Donald Fredenburg suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in a morning training run at the New York State Police Academy.

He and other newly sworn in troopers had just begun their run around the SUNY Albany campus when he suddenly collapsed. Academy staff immediately provided medical attention, including the use of an AED, which restarted his heart. He was transported to Albany Medical Center where he passed away at approximately 7:30 am.

Trooper Fredenburg was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had been sworn in as a New York State trooper only two weeks prior. He is survived by his wife and parents.

Our Mission

Blue Friday of New York, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 corporation which was established to help to assist the families of law enforcement officers who are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty as well as the families of officers who have died outside the line of duty if needed. Our goal is to make sure the family knows that “They are not forgotten and they will never stand alone”.

Blue Friday assists in providing the resources needed by the families or co-workers of law enforcement officers killed or seriously injured in the line of duty on:

  1. survivor victimization issues and grief counseling
  2. assists the families in their attending the National Police Memorial in Washington, DC
  3. assists the law enforcement agencies or the families in the paperwork process for a line of duty death.
  4. will train the representatives of the different Law Enforcement agencies on how to cope with and how to apply for the benefits for a line of duty death.

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